With a variety of remote beaches, rock stacks and rock pools, towering limestone cliffs, cascading waterfalls, lush green native forest, snow capped mountains, numerous lakes, rivers and creeks as well as an abundance of history – gold, coal and sawmilling together with relics left laying telling their story in the bush – the West Coast and the Grey District is a photographer’s paradise. We have a love of the outdoors and with so much variety in our backyard we are often out exploring the many wonders that make up the West Coast and are happy to share the best spots with our guests.
I am available for Photography Location Tours that can be tailor-made to your requirements ie tuition, landscape locations, development.
Rates $595.00 for one person (full day) or $795 for two people – includes a packed lunch and transport to/from locations. Maximum 2 people

How to use your SLR Camera Workshop
Do you own a Digital SLR but have no idea how to use it or what all those buttons do? If this sounds like you, you are not alone! This workshop is designed to teach you everything you need to know about using your DSLR camera. The content is theoretical but you will have plenty of opportunities to put into practice your learning with mini-assignments throughout the day. During the workshop, you will receive one-to-one tuition with opportunities for photo critique during or afterwards.
You will learn:
• How your DSLR works- what all the buttons do!
• Understanding exposure, aperture, shutter, ISO, white balance, flash and how they are all connected
• Selecting the right lens
• Image file formats
• How to achieve the results you want in a photograph
• Principles of light and composition
• Workflow management, post-production and archiving your images
• Printing
Depending on your needs this is likely to be a full day course so contact me to discuss your exact requirements so we can tailor the workshop and pricing accordingly.

Phone: 03 762 7743